There May Be No Wheat Left to Make the Staff of Life

Wheat Yields Are Shrinking - What if Supplies Eventually Run Out?

Wheat Yields Are Shrinking
What if Supplies Eventually Run Out?

Wheat yields are not keeping up with a world growing hungrier.

In an article written by Charles J. Hanley of the Associated Press, he outlines many reasons why we should be worried. Here are a few of the reasons:

  • Crops are stunted in a world grown warmer.
  • A devastating fungus, a wheat “rust,” is spreading out of Africa.
  • In Chicago, London and other money centers, the wheat market is so roiled by bad news that rising prices
    may put bread out of reach
    for millions more of the world’s poor.
  • Fuel and fertilizer are becoming more expensive with each passing day.
  • Experts conclude wheat prices will never settle back down to the lower levels of 2005 and earlier.

Wheat is the food plant that covers more of the planet’s surface than any other. You may be thinking,

“Why should I be worried, it sounds like it’s only a problem in Third World countries?”

Here’s why you should be worried.

“Humanity faces tremendous challenges to food security,” the world’s top wheat researchers conclude in a blueprint for a stepped-up strategy to produce more of the grain. “Global warming means more carbon dioxide in the air, which should help plant growth. Yet, we estimate that for every degree of temperature increase, the wheat yield may be decreased by 10 percent.” Now that is frightening!

Here are the facts:

  1. You can’t control global warming.
  2. You can’t control a wheat fungus.
  3. You can’t control extreme drought.

The only thing you can control is the food that goes on your family’s table. If you plan ahead and have food and water stored, you will find that it will keep your family from going hungry when food supplies become short. That’s peace of mind.

Store some food and water for your family today!

Here’s how to feed a family of four for a month and a half.

Here’s the article quoted above:

Staff of life waivers under weight of humanity


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