The 99ers Are About to Lose Everything – What Will They Eat?

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Congress agreed to extend unemployment benefits for an unprecedented 99 weeks. That is about to run out, and many of them may end up on the street. They’ve cashed in their 401Ks, their IRAs, and don’t have much left.

Some call themselves the 99ers. The unemployed who have benefited from the 99 weeks of unemployment benefits Congress approved. They have PHds, Master’s degrees, and Bachelor’s degrees. Some are from Silcon Valley and used to making $200,000 a year. They are all the people who you wouldn’t expect to be in this situation, but they are.

As the U.S. continues its march towards Third World status, most people are wondering what they will do. Official unemployment numbers are around 9.5%. However, most news outlets agree it is closer to 20%. One fifth of the U.S. workforce is unemployed. When their money runs out, what will they eat?

If you are fortunate and not in this situation – yet, then perhaps you should think about storing some food and water. It’s a great idea. Did you know some of the unemployed are living off their stored food supply? Without it, they might go hungry.

Store some food and water today. It’s not difficult to get started. You can start here.

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Editor’s Note: You can also start by reading through the information available at this site now (with more information added almost daily) and you can even look into starting a food storage business and get some of the best tasting food in my opinion by clicking here. You may be able to make storing food pay for itself and then some!

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