One Second After: Protecting Family and Food

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In the story, panic set in within a day or two of the EMP occurring. People started looting stores and just taking what they wanted. Later people’s personal homes were broken into in attempts to find food. There was also an incident with a large gang of people crossing the landscape and terrorizing small towns along the way. The main characters in the book were able to work together and put up a strong defense that protected their town.


  • What do you do when people come knocking on your door for food?
  • How do you sleep at night when the threat of intruders is real?
  • Who do you join up with to form a group of protection?
  • What sorts of weapons would be best in this scenario?
  • Would you try to hide your food and/or family?
  • How would it be for a woman and children alone in a house?
  • Think about where you live? What type of problems may occur in your area?


In our comments section below, ask questions, discuss your thoughts on this topic, and these questions. We will be covering a lot of the other issues over the next three days, so to keep it organized please stick with this topic.

We encourage everyone who participates to do so in a very respectful manner. As we read the novel, we soon became very aware that the discussions around this book could become very political, and personal. Such topics have a tendency to bring out strong opinions. Please share your opinions in a kind, and mature way. We reserve the right to, and will delete any comments that may be considered offensive or encourage illegal or unethical activities.

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