One Second After: Food Preparation

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In the story, the people were forced to eat all sorts of food like squirrels, rabbits etc. They made soups with grass and dandelions. They used up, and wasted a lot of the freezer foods in the first few days. Two big concerns were how to have enough to last through the winter, and how to save enough for spring planting, etc.


  • How would you cook your food?
  • How would you make your food stores last longer if the situation lasted for a very long time?
  • How would you create, or replenish your food stores with new food?
  • Do you have gardening seeds, do you know how to garden, can, preserve, dehydrate etc?
  • How would you catch and prepare small animals?
  • Do you have necessary ingredients to actually make something with your long term storage items
  • Do you have a healthy balance of proteins, fats, and carbs in your storage/


In our comments section below, ask questions, discuss your thoughts on this topic, and these questions. We will be covering a lot of the other issues over the next three days, so to keep it organized please stick with this topic.
We encourage everyone who participates to do so in a very respectful manner. As we read the novel, we soon became very aware that the discussions around this book could become very political, and personal. Such topics have a tendency to bring out strong opinions. Please share your opinions in a kind, and mature way. We reserve the right to, and will delete any comments that may be considered offensive or encourage illegal or unethical activities.

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