One Second After: Actions to Take Immediately Following an Attack

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In the story, immediately following the attack, the main character had enough of a sense about what was going on, that he quickly stocked up on insulin for his diabetic daughter. He also hurriedly stocked up on cigarettes- he regretted not stocking up on other items, or taking other actions immediately following the attack.


  • Do you try to evacuate? Do you stay with your community?
  • What stores do you go to, to try and stock up on stuff?
  • What last minute items are you going to try and stock up on?
  • What items will be bartering tools that you should have stocked up on?
  • Should you have gotten it sooner?
  • Do you try to get a bunch of ice? Will it help?
  • What are some things you are thinking you should have done? Do them now!
  • What foods are you going to eat first?
  • How are you going to extend the perishables you currently have?


In our comments section below, ask questions, discuss your thoughts on this topic, and these questions. We will be covering a lot of the other issues over the next three days, so to keep it organized please stick with this topic.

We encourage everyone who participates to do so in a very respectful manner. As we read the novel, we soon became very aware that the discussions around this book could become very political, and personal. Such topics have a tendency to bring out strong opinions. Please share your opinions in a kind, and mature way. We reserve the right to, and will delete any comments that may be considered offensive or encourage illegal or unethical activities.

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