Making the EZ Whole Wheat Bread even BETTER!

Some of you may wonder how this is even possible…but it is! I’ve heard some people are a little nervous that this bread comes out a little darker than they would like and so they pull it out of the oven too soon (resulting in a doughy center).  Well, there is even an EASIER trick to getting your whole wheat bread that perfect golden color, watch the video below to learn how!  (If you haven’t first watched my how-to video on how to make this bread that is moist, chewy, delicious and nothing like stereo-typical wheat bread, click HERE.)

With this slight change, my sister said I should re-name this bread to “Mary Poppins Bread” because it’s perfect in every way!  You can even make the crust darker by putting your aluminum foil (shiny side up) on later in the baking process, however, I wouldn’t recommend putting it on any earlier than the 10 minutes.

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