Leftovers 101

Okay, now that you’re menu planning, shopping, and making dinner it’s time to talk about the one down side of this plan….LEFT OVERS. Here’s the thing, my dad affectionately jokes that a fridge is just a place to put left overs until they go bad and you don’t feel bad throwing them away, we can all relate, can’t we?  So, how can we waste less food and get the most of leftovers? Well, I’ve got a couple ideas…and hopefully you do too!

  1. Have a “Family Buffet” night once a week. Pull out ALL the left overs and let everyone choose what they want to eat that night. READ: you don’t have to cook!
  2. Send leftovers for lunch (although, my husband doesn’t like this..so if yours does-I envy you! It saves so much time!)
  3. Freeze it (if it’s enough for another meal) and use it on a night when you don’t want to cook.
  4. Do a leftover makeover-leftover roast shredded makes great taco meat, mashed potatoes can be used in Shepherd’s pie, etc.
  5. Turn it into service-if it’s enough for another meal, considering bringing a person or family in your neighborhood dinner.

What do you do with leftovers?  Leave a comment and share some ideas!

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