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This area of the site is devoted to providing “How To” information relating to internet marketing, web site building, establishing and growing a home-based business and much more.

This is the parent page for a password protected area of the site provided as a service (I would call it a free service because we don’t charge for it but we do ask for extremely little in return as you will see), first and foremost, to people who have at least taken the opportunity to try the six meals free from eFoods Global (where you only pay shipping and processing which is $9.95 at the time I am writing this. Click Here and then click on the “Try It” button) or have signed up under one of us and are interested in becoming an IBO which stands for Independent Business Owner or eIBO which adds essential to the name and lots of benefits to the package.

During the order for the free food sample you will automatically be set up with a free “Preferred Customer” account.

Once you have a preferred customer account you can take a closer look at the food and opportunity, order more food if you choose (most people do once they find out how tasty it is), become an IBO and more. After that simply send me an email at and I will set you up.

I will also consider providing access to people who ask nicely so check out the rest of the site and if you would like to see more send me an email. No guarantees and a good reason will go a long way but again this area is mainly set up to help people who have signed up under myself or team members at eFoods Global to help them with setting up their own business as a way to do more than just say thanks.


(Clicking on any of the following links will take you to password protected pages)

First is some general information about marketing on the internet such as the importance of a domain name, email marketing, social marketing etc.

General Information


This link leads to the page set up for providing information about domain names including purchasing a domain name.

Domain Names


This link leads to a page set up for providing information about choosing and setting up a host. It also has information about changing domain name settings at your registrar to point to your host.

Hosting Information


This link leads to a page set up for providing information about installing and setting up an entire site using WordPress including information about themes and plugins as well as some theme and plugin recommendations.

Installing WordPress


This link leads to a page set up for providing information about moving a WordPress site to a new host if needed.

Moving WordPress


Much more coming soon!

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