Grocery Stores Shelves Full – But You Can’t Afford To Buy Food

U.S. Dollar is crashing and you can't afford to buy food

U.S. Dollar is crashing and you can’t afford to buy food

The net effect of a rapidly-falling U.S. Dollar combined with skyrocketing inflation is hyperinflation. This fall of the U.S. Dollar is helped along by the Federal Reserve buying up U.S. Treasury debt. They have to buy it because no other countries want it. That my friends will result in hyperinflation in the coming future.

What hyperinflation means to you and me is this:

The price of everything we buy, including food, will skyrocket

This is a different scenario than when we talk about the aftermath of a disaster. Here, the grocery store shelves will be emptied in short order. Either from everyone panicking and buying up the grocery store items, or from supply trucks not being able to get in to restock the store.

With hyperinflation, there is plenty of food and water for everyone, it’s just no one can afford to buy it. Prices have gotten so high, so fast, that groceries are too expensive to buy.

You can avoid both of these scenarios by not leaving your family’s future to chance.

Store food and water for your family today!

Feed a family for four for 1.5 months

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