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I have been listening to Glenn Beck off and on for the past few months, mostly in my car on my drive to work.  I happen to really appreciate the man and what he is doing to warn people of coming problems and changes in our nation.  Glenn Beck promotes food storage and gold investment.  Strangely enough his conservative values, which are quite in sync with my own, are seen to many as being as extreme and radical.  Oh well, I guess that comes with the territory and is similar to the scriptural prophecy of calling good bad, and bad good.  People who are not in agreement with him will do anything possible to call his conservative views extreme, where in reality their own views are extreme.

Why does Glenn Beck promote food storage?  Why does he have gold commercials on his program as well?  Are these really radical concepts?  What is so radical about food storage?  I have food storage, you should too.  It isn’t because we want the world to end and after it all goes up in smoke, we can pull out our gourmet freeze dried food storage and during our meal laugh at all of the carnage and destruction around us and say, “Ha ha, told you so… and I get a feast while the rest of you suffer.”  No, that is not it.  Food storage is to prepare for the “just in case”.  There are some things that as people we really believe in strongly, and we say we hope we are wrong, and we really do want to be wrong.  There are other things that we really believe in and we say we hope we are wrong, but we are still conflicted inside because we have an emotional attachment to our argument where we really cannot conceive of actually being wrong in any way, shape, or form.  I think Glenn Beck really does want to be wrong about needing food storage, and I want to be wrong about ever needing food storage, because that could possibly mean that there may at some point in the future come a time where we cannot access speedily and conveniently (like we do now) whatever groceries we want whenever we want.  And I or anyone else would have to be stupid to want for that to happen.  So in this case, I don’t have an emotional attachment, and I don’t think Glenn Beck does either, about having to be right about needing food storage.

I hope people get it — I hope that they understand and that they get food storage just in case they ever need it, and for whatever reason.  It is not very fun to speculate why food storage would be needed, let your individual imagination and inspiration help you to understand why it may be a necessity.  I’m not here to paint gruesome doomsday pictures or suggest awful scenarios to scare you into buying food storage.  In fact this is very much a common sense issue.  Nobody should be coerced into buying food storage, they should each decide to get it on their own accord and feel good about their own decisions.  The strange thing is that many won’t consider food storage because food, the material which sustains our very lives, is just taken for granted.  But shouldn’t the very thing that sustains our lives have a pretty high priority, and shouldn’t we have plenty of it (more than necessary for the moment, in fact)?  If we were going to battle we wouldn’t take for granted having enough (or adequate) arms and ammunition, because we know that without them we would be ill prepared to save our own lives and/or conquer the enemy.  Yet, it is considered radical and extreme (by extremists themselves, I guess?) that anybody should want to have an adequate supply of food storage.  Silly, why would you want to store food, something that could come in handy to what… save your life?

Thank you Glenn Beck for being a voice of warning about food storage, about gold, about political concerns.  Unless you are hiding beneath a rock, it isn’t hard to conceptualize that there may be need of these things, and that our world is changing at an ever-increasing rate of speed.  Food storage is anything but radical or extreme.

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