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I hope you all know by now that I’m a big believer that one of the greatest blessings of having and using food storage is that it gives you a GREATER ability to give to those in need.  I’ve always dreamed of running a food drive on my blog but, let’s be honest, who wants to pay shipping on a bunch of heavy canned items? So, for now, that idea is on the back burner. ;) In the meantime, this Christmas, I’ve picked my three favorite causes (Feeding America, Believe International, and Hope Arising) to raise money for.  I know money may be tight and with so many great causes it can be hard to find money for all of them.  That is why I whipped up (and when I say whipped up-I mean stayed up late for a week working on them) these great gift ideas that will benefit YOU and the charity they are associated with.  They are great, meaningful gifts that can be given as neighborhood, family or friend gifts.


Each gift is only $3. All of these gifts are DOWNLOADS. So, yes, you’ll have to do a couple minor things (mostly, just cut along the dotted line) to make them ready to give.  After you purchase the gift, you’ll be emailed a link to download the gift and then you’ll need to print the file (READ: these will not be shipped to you).  Because this is for charity and I want this to help you as well, you will have the rights to print these gifts as many times as you’d like.  Obviously, it would be highly inappropriate to distribute these to others to use for their gifts with out paying.  And ALL the proceeds go to the charity each gift is associated with.

I picked this as the gift because having your food storage helps you give more as canned donations to food banks…so why not give someone the gift of FOOD STORAGE while you make a contribution to FEEDING AMERICA.  These 3×5 recipe cards contain my most popular beginner recipes (some examples are EZ Whole Wheat Bread, Blender No Bake Cheesecake, Blender Pancakes, Magic Mix, Sweetened Condensed Milk, etc.) The only thing you’ll need to do is print them out on cardstock and cut along the dotted line.  There are 6 pages total to print.  This would make a great stocking stuffer, addition to a neighborhood gift, or along with your food storage gift-am I the only one who gives food storage to my siblings for presents?

I picked this gift because I felt the saying “Try a little HARDER to be a little BETTER” encompassed what BELIEVE INTERNATIONAL is trying to do.  Who can argue with giving children in a third world country the opportunity of education?  With each child they are trying a little harder to make the world and more specifically the Philippines a little better.  Simply, print this and cut along the solid black lines and put in a frame.  Did you know the Dollar Tree has 8×10 frames for only $1.00?  That’s a pretty cheap gift jam packed with meaning.

At this Christmas season, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and the hope he brought to the world, I thought scriptures about his birth would be the perfect gift to represent this charity.  After all, HOPE ARISING is bringing hope and living water to people who have to walk 7 miles to get water.  Something we walk 7 feet to get right out of a faucet in our own comfy cozy homes.  There are two separate sets available for purchase.  One is a set of five King James Version Bible scriptures (mostly from Luke 2) and the other set is five Book of Mormon scriptures.  Each set is available for $3.  All you need for these is to purchase THESE FRAMES from the Dollar Tree (don’t worry, you can purchase them online), cut along the dotted lines and hot glue some ribbon on top.  Don’t worry there are instructions that come with each set.  Don’t worry if you’re not crafty-neither am I.  These are easy to make look VERY impressive!  Oh, yeah and did I mention that if you were to buy frame ornaments from-say Pottery Barn-they’d cost around $10 PER ornament?  This is an AWESOME gift.

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