Food Storage Seeds: Why You Should Add Survival Seeds to Your Food Storage

Food Storage SeedsFood Storage Survival Seeds

Sometimes when you are going about your ambitious task of obtaining a full one year food storage supply you are so involved that you can’t see the forest for the trees.  Of course, almost anything edible and nonperishable that you put in your food storage will be of benefit to you, but there are some things that get overlooked.  I’m not suggesting that you aren’t smarter than a whip or not thinking hard, it’s just that you may not be thinking outside of the “food storage box”.  Remember the whole purpose for having food storage items under your stewardship is so that you can sustain yourself for varying periods of time from the short term to the longer term.

What better idea for a long term food storage solution that food storage seeds (better known as survival seeds)?  Food storage seeds are a perfect addition to your food storage supplies because they can sustain you indefinitely with nutritious garden produce (and how much of that do you have in your food storage room?  It doesn’t store very well.)!  I say indefinitely because the smartest idea for securing food storage seeds for you and yours is to make certain they are heirloom seeds.  These survival seeds are not genetically modified and are unpatented.  Because they haven’t been modified genetically (this means they are not hybrid), you can plant the seeds that come from your first harvest, your second harvest, your third harvest… you get the idea.  These food storage seeds are called survival seeds because you can dry out the seeds from your harvest and plant them the following year.  That’s the disadvantage of a hybrid seed.  You can’t do that with a hybrid seeds because it is essentially sterile.  Sure, hybrid seeds might sometimes be BMT (bigger, meatier, tastier), but what’s more healthy for you and more prolific in the long run?  Science hasn’t even proven whether GMO (genetically modified) foods are even healthy for you or what the long term side effects may be.  Messing with nature is a crap shoot at best and a disaster at worst.

You can buy food storage seeds, set them, and forget them.  Of course, you are not counting on Doomsday or hoping for it to happen.  You just want to be prepared for come what may.  There are a variety of the most healthful heirloom seeds available—almost anything you can think of.  For a very reasonable price you can obtain enough seeds to plant a full acre!  And remember, this food storage seed investment pays big dividends in fresh garden fruits and vegetables year after year!  You would be well advised to get some seeds for food storage and some to “practice” with for the next growing season.  See if they don’t taste even better than the hybrid because they are natural.  If you are a gardener it’s a no-brainer.  Gardeners are always looking for and wanting to try new things with their green thumbs.  And think what food storage seeds (heirlooms) could be worth someday if there were food shortages as has been predicted.  It’s an investment and a safety precaution.  And just a smart choice for your health, too!

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