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Food Storage Containers
One thing that I have not spoken enough about on this food storage website is food storage containers. I have no excuse, now that I have been in South Korea for the past six weeks, and my brother in law is Chief Production Officer of Lock & Lock here. So, guess what I will be talking about (hint, hint: Lock & Lock food storage containers)?

We have been using Lock & Lock food storage containers back in the states for quite some time now, ever since my sister-in-law brought some over from Korea as gifts about four years ago this summer. They are such wonderful creations! I have negelected to mention them up until now, probably because of my focus on emergency food storage for the most part. But, what about the everyday practical application of storing food in the refrigerator? Or dry goods in the pantry? The freezer, even.

Lock & Lock is the perfect food storage container solution. Why? Because these food storage containers have four latches (one per side) with a silicon seal. This makes for some serious security, making them airtight and eliminating spills in the event of ever dropping them. The tabs/latches on the sides snap firmly into place quite easily, and they unsnap just as easily. But they won’t just “give up their insides” when you drop them. That takes more inent. The Lock & Lock food storage containers are 100% air, moisture, liquid, and odor tight. I like the fact that I can store food in them for nearly twice as long as I could with other containers. Another thing that I like is that they are so versatile, and we can put them in the fridge, the freezer, or even the dishwasher to clean them with no worries at all. They also make reheating food in the microwave a snap.

When it comes to storing these food storage containers, you can stack them one inside another inside another… they come in all different sizes for different applications. And when they are filled with food, you can stack them on top of each other to conserve space.

I found out that these food storage containers have been around since 1998 and as of this month are sold in more than 100 countries around the world. No wonder they have been called the best food storage containers on the market. My wife uses them to make Kimchi (spicy fermented cabbage and spicy fermented radish). I use them mostly for leftovers. In the past I have not been much of a leftover person, because the look, smell, and texture of the food that is usually stored in the fridge with other methods turns me off. But when my wife puts the leftovers in the Lock & Lock food storage containers, game on! I’m all over it. It is still very fresh tasting for days afterward.

Move over Tupperware and Rubbermaid, you guys are ”has-beens”.  Make way for Lock & Lock. I doubt you’ll ever buy anything else once you get your hands on these innovations!

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