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Food Storage

Food Storage Warnings

Food Storage could well be the most important investment decision you make all year.  In fact, food storage could be one of the most important decisions you make for the comfort, safety, and survival of you and your loved ones in the years to come.   Think of the warnings we are seeing to accumulate food storage much as you would the warning signals of the Tsunami in Thailand on that fateful day after Christmas in 2005.  At that time, although there may not have been a warning signal such as a blaring siren for all to hear, or a prediction beforehand of imminent destruction, there were subtleties that if one knew what to watch for, they had every opportunity to get to higher ground.  The warning signs came in the form of a receding ocean and frothing bubbles, as well as stranded fish and other sea life.  The warning signs that we are now seeing to accumulate food storage are firmly entrenched.  One of the best indicators of the need to acquire food storage is not only the instability we see in nature, but also the instability we currently are experiencing in the global political landscape and the global economy.

Food Storage to Become More Valuable Than Gold

We are fast approaching Thanksgiving, a time of showing our thankfulness and gratitude for all of the bounteous blessings that we have as a nation.  We celebrate this and many other ocassions with food.  It would be well for us instead of just gorging ourselves on food and thinking nothing more of it, to also slowly build up over time our food storage supplies and other neccesities that we will likely be in need of in the days to come.  As of late, one of the subtle warning signs that indicate a need for food storage is the price of the precious metals.  It has been said that precious metals are a guage or leading indicator of inflation.  While this quite often the case, it is also more true that people are storing gold and silver because of political uncertainty.  But surely gold and silver are sounding the alarm that prices of commodities (including your groceries) will be going up in the not-too-distant future, as the federal reserve wreaks havoc with the value of our money.  The true definition of inflation is an increase in the money supply, but it follows that too much of an increase in the money supply causes prices to rise.  Money cannot escape the law of supply and demand.  Owning gold and silver will help you to survive the financial storms coming our way, the likes of which we have not even experienced a small portion of in comparison to what will come, and owning food storage will help you to survive physically.  Firearms may become a necessity as well for the protection of life and liberties.

Food Storage and the Ten Virgins

If any person needs a better excuse to have food storage, this nudging or prompting may not come in time.  Like the parable of the Ten Virgins, we can wait and procrastinate until it is everlastingly to late.  Food storage will not be forced upon us.  Those who are ill-prepared, but who’ve had the chance to get ready have no assurance.  Those who have dutifully put their house in order and accumulated food storage by sacrifice and carefull attention will be rewarded with their very lives.  Although the price of gold and silver will reach heights that none could fathom beforehand, the value of food storage will be way beyond any other tangible items.  After adequate shelter, water is the most important thing for us to store.  If you cannot store water, have a water filter that can eliminate bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.  And have as much food storage as you possibly can.  Find creative places for it.  Honestly, how much would it put you out to thoughtfully and slowly gather foodstuffs for a good cause (your life and well-being)?  You are not being called upon to right now stop everything you are doing to stockpile enough food storage for every member of your family to eat for one year.  No, take it slowly, and as you can prudently acquire the food storage you will need over time.

The Food Storage Decision

The warning signs for food storage necessity are here.  What need have we for any more warnings than we have already had?  It’s simply a matter of deciding in one of three ways: either we decide that we will not get food storage (for whatever reason), and reap the consequences, we decide we will take on the responsibility and gather food storage, or we decide to be undecided.  Undecided, however, is usually by default a decision not to.  Take it to heart to get your food storage starting today.  A can of whatever nonperishable good you choose can be a start, a symbol, and your motivation to move ahead in the right direction.  Your food storage journey can and will gradually bring you more peace of mind.

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