Find Out What You’re Made Of – It Takes Only Three Days

Family Fallout Shelter from 1957

Family Fallout Shelter from 1957

You have been diligent and created a cache of emergency preparedness supplies, including food storage, water, communications, and medical supplies. Now what? Are you really ready for a disaster?

One way to find out is to simulate one. Pick a three day weekend and try it out. Turn off your power, water supply, and electronic equipment. Just walk to the circuit breaker box and turn the main breaker off. Now, use your emergency supplies for three days. Prepare your meals from your food storage, using the water you have stored. Try out the emergency radios, and see what it’s like to go to the bathroom when there is no running water. You’ll find out very quick your strong points, and more importantly your weak points.

If you didn’t store enough water, you’ll find that out. If you didn’t store any comfort foods or snacks, you’ll find out once you miss them. The point is to do a dress rehearsal.

You don’t even have to do it for three days. Just do it over a two day weekend. You’ll find out if your children will get bored. What you didn’t store any playing cards, board games, or puzzles? You know what type of activities your family enjoys doing together. Store the items that will allow you to do those things.

Practice runs are a great way to test your emergency and family preparedness. Try to make it fun for everyone in your family.

At a minimum, you should have a 72-hour emergency kit for every member of your family. If you lack these items, buy them.

Here are a couple of ideas:

Mountain House 72-Hour Emergency Meal Kit

72 Hour 4 Person Getaway Kit

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