Demand for Mountain House Freeze Dried Food at an All-Time High

Emergency Food from Mountain House Food

Emergency Food from Mountain House Foods

Emergency Food is an essential part of your family’s preparedness plan. If you are interesting in buying any type of emergency food storage, you need to know this:

Demand for any type of Emergency Food is at an All-Time High

Don’t take my word for it. Here are the words of Harry Weyandt, President of Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center:

“The nations emergency food suppliers have all been slammed with dealer orders, so much so that Mountain House has discontinued taking orders from ALL dealers except NITRO-PAK and a couple of others. Our customers have priority status in receiving their orders. We are currently alloted a large amount of food shipped to us each week, and Mountain House and our other suppliers are working feverishly to fill our orders ASAP.

Orders with #10 can foods (freeze-dried & dehydrated), food reserve units or modules are processing in about 15-38 business days due to the EXTREMELY HIGH DEMAND that has been caused by our nation’s current political & economic uncertainty as well as high inflation fears. We anticipate prices will soon rise as are all food prices worldwide.

I personally recommend locking-in what you can NOW! before prices increase and availability vaporizes. When word of these shortages reaches the general population via the News, wait times will GREATLY INCREASE as the demand grows. Please understand, this is no hype…just gut instinct as one friend to another.”

Buy storable food for your family sooner, rather than later.

Feed a family for 4 for 3 months

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