Canning Recipe – Home Made Applesauce

Canning continues to be a popular and effective method for long term food storage. Making home made applesauce is a simple way to prepare apples for canning. Here is a simple applesauce recipe including instructions for canning. (Important, CLICK HERE to read a general canning recipe which explains how to prepare your glass jars and lids for canning.)

1. Wash apples

2. Place in pot with several inches of water in the bottom. Let the water boil until apples get soft.

3. While you can core, skin and mash the apples by hand, it’s much easier to use a food strainer like the Universal 800 (This link will show you the one we use – and yes we do make a little money from your purchase when you use this link :) – Thank you!) This peels and cores the apples and pours the applesauce through a spout.

4. Since your applesauce will be hot, place it in the glass jars 1 cup at a time. In other words, put 1 cup in each jar and then start over until jars are full up to about 1/2 inch from the top.

5. Place lids on jars. We twist the rings until they are finger tight (not “hand” tight), so as to avoid over tightening.

6. Place the jars into tap hot water and bring that to a boil. If you place the jars in boiling water, you will end up with breakage. Some people have the water level cover the lids, others only half way up the jars, we have the water level up to a level just below the rings on the jars.

7. Once the water comes to a boil, we let it boil for 20 minutes, plus 2 minutes for each 1000 feet above sea leve. So since we live at about 2000 feet altitude, we leave the jars in the boiling water for about 24 minutes.

8. Remove the jars and set out on a towel. After about 12 hours, test the seals by gently pressing on the center of the lids. If they have sealed properly, they should not flex up and down.

9. After setting for about 24 hours, remove the rings and clean the tops of the jars to remove any fruit residue which might have leaked out during canning. Any fruit left on the jars can mold, and if it’s close to the seal, that mold can actually migrate into the jar – breaking the seal.

You can see this is a simple apple sauce recipe and you’ll notice we do not add sugar. We find it’s sweet enough just with the natural sugars found in the fruit. Also, we do not stack jars directly on top of each other after canning as this can disturb the seals.

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