An Ode to CORELLE…

So, I’m sitting here listening to my dishwasher swirl and whirl and I’ve NEVER been so giddy!  I realize my dishware has nothing to do with food storage…although it has EVERYTHING to do dishwasher and cupboard storage.  You know me, I have the world’s SMALLEST kitchen and the LARGEST hatred of doing dishes…so why you may ask am I so excited about my dishwasher going?!  Well, I just got my NEW Corelle Plates these ultra awesome plates are thin and don’t waste any space so I can finally fit bread plates and bowls on the top shelf of my dishwasher (leaving more room on the bottom for other dishes!) plus they fit better in my cupboard so I can finally but the toddler dishes on a separate shelf!  I’ve already packed up my bulky, chipping, green pottery plates and they’ll be going to a thrift store shortly.  However, the best part about these plates is that my 3 year old who has been excited and trying to set the table  can actually DO SO! (One night we ate on small red paper plates left over from a birthday party because she set the table while I was making dinner and there was NO WAY I was going to make her take everything off.) These plates are lightweight and made from tempered glass to reduce breaking, they don’t chip, and don’t fade and perfect for toddlers hands. And did I mention they are microwave safe? I realize the hip thing is pottery dishware and don’t get me wrong I love hip things (I’ve been known to frequent Pottery Barn) but these plates are timeless (my mom has had her set for over 40 years!) and they never go out.  Sorry for my ranting, but I had to get my excitement out somewhere…and my dishwasher is done….YIPEE!!!

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