Why Should I Store Food?

I think one of the best answers to that question is another question – is there really anything certain about today’s economy other than uncertainty?

I had thought off and on about storing food over the years but it wasn’t until the last couple years I really started thinking seriously about it. Anybody aware of the economic turmoil these days can probably guess what prompted that change. Now of course I think about it all the time.

It has been said that “people were storing grain long before they learned to domesticate crops.” Obviously, none of us are the first to get the idea to store food.

Maybe, just maybe, we have been doing it that long because, well, it is a straight up very sensible idea.

If we are hungry, nothing else matters. It is that simple. Food is one of the things we absolutely can not live without.

When you start to think about it there are actually numerous reasons to store food.

Emergency food reserve is obviously very high on the list but the list goes on and on.

Freeze-dried and dehydrated foods make great backpacking food due to light weight and ease of preparation. Freeze-dried foods are probably the better of the two because they are typically quicker to prepare (less cooking time means less fuel) but both usually only require water which can be filtered on site.

The meals are considerably more economical than many of the alternatives such as eating at restaurants or even many home prepared meals. Dehydrated foods in particular are very economical but in general most types are economical enough it makes sense to rotate stored foods in with daily meals to bring down monthly costs. (The food I have tasted from eFoods Global (click Here to see their food) is by far tasty enough I have actually been happy to mix them in because I am saving money and not just a little.)

Just because there is a store down the street doesn’t guarantee there will always be food around. There could be a truckers strike or a natural disaster or economic disaster or several other things that could bring the supply chain to a halt or make prices skyrocket.

Storage space is used more efficiently, etc., etc. and the list just keeps going on.

But what got me really excited about storing foods was when a friend showed me a great company – eFoods Global, founded by people in the business for 28 years, that combines excellent food storage products with an outstanding business opportunity.

Gee, I can be smart about food storage, start a very sound internet business, stock up on surprisingly tasty food for storage and backpacking to save money among other things, all while preparing for my future at the same time. Oh yeah, they will also give me some free food. What’s not to like?

What I mean by free food is you can get a 6 meal sample pack of food on the way and all you need to pay is a shipping/processing fee so you can try the food for yourself and most likely discover like I did that it is actually very tasty. After I tasted the food the business made even more sense. You have nothing to lose so I highly recommend you give the food a try at the very least. It is excellent food for personal food storage in my opinion.

It is an incredible business opportunity as well so be sure to check it out soon!

You can get much more information, get some free food on the way to sample the product and even get rolling on your own internet business for as little as $29.95 (eBiz Kit) if you choose to by clicking the graphic below or clicking here.

I was fortunate enough to be signed up under a very active team that is more than willing to help and I will certainly try very hard to help anybody who signs up via that link in any way I can. Keep an eye out on this site and be sure to sign up for the newsletter for more information.


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